Reclaim. Repurpose. Rebuild.

Help redirect stuff heading toward our landfills into skill building learning.


When you’re able to donate household items we inspire young friends here to contemplate their impact on our community. So, think of us when you have a dozen or more of the listed items, and we’ll use it for a future project!

  • Paper-all shapes, sizes, colors, textures
  • Yarn, trimmings, sewing notions
  • Cardboard
  • Small tins (like Altoids)
  • Bottle caps (clean)
  • Wood scrap and especially hardware-preferably small-medium pieces so small hands can build :)

No boxes or bags of random items at the door please. We are so grateful for contributions, and drop-off items are most helpful when organized in a pile––like paper in a bunch, or bottle caps in an old coffee can. When in doubt, you can always email and ask whether we’re able to take your items. Thank you!